Our Robins AFB Requirements Symposium began in 2002 under the guidance of WR-ALC PK Director Patsy Reeves in collaboration with the Aerospace Industry Committee of the Warner Robins Chamber of Commerce. Back in 2002, WR-ALC was a Center with a two-star general leading the mission and the Annual Requirements Symposium spread across 2-3 days featuring general and specific topic breakout sessions and was held at the Perry Agri-Center to accommodate the many attendees from far and wide.
Our Requirements Symposium, although met with challenges and uncertainty, has managed to survive over the years. This annual event has gone through a few names, venue, and timeline reduction changes over the years due to our Center becoming a Complex, a restructure of the Air Force into what was referred to as a 5 Center Construct, and many changes of personnel and volunteers.

Past Years Symposium Gallery: